A Touch of Joy


ISBN: 9781616269869
Barbour Publishing
Dimensions: 102 x 165 mm
Weight: 0.150kg
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 191
Release Date: 01.07.2012
Language: English UK
Our price: £4.99
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A Touch of Joy

Helen Steiner Rice

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Here’s a collection of Helen Steiner Rice’s beloved poetry focused on the theme of joy. From prayer and faith to salvation and daily living, lovely poetic sentiments are complimented by short devotional thoughts and scripture snippets. A beautiful design creates a perfect package. Great for gifting or personal pick-me-up.
Helen Steiner Rice
From the 1920s and beyond her death in 1981, Helen Steiner Rice was and is an unofficial poet laureate of hope and optimism. Her books have sold more than seven million copies and comforted nations through some of history's darkest moments. There probably isn't a family today that hasn't received or sent a greeting card featuring Rice's work, and her writings continue to inspire a new generation on-line, in gift books, and through note cards.- Publisher.